Colorado Trail Race

We get excited when one of our Team Racers does well in a race. In addition to our pro racers, we also support a group of Viceroy Racers: members of our community that we support at a lower level than our Pro's.

Dana pushing up a steep climb. Photo by Chris Miller.

Dana pushing up a steep climb. Photo by Chris Miller.

One of those viceroys, Dana Ernst, competed in an event this past week: the Colorado Trail Race. This race covers 500+ miles from Durango to Denver and gains some 70,000 feet of elevation. Though there is no entry fee for the race, it is a daunting task to undertake. Riders are provided a route description and a suggested start time - ready, set, go!

Dana, who also teaches algebraic combinatronics at Northern Arizona University, stayed towards the front of the pack. However, the Rocky Mountains are a beast to tackle - with monsoon storms, lightning, hail, and a maximum elevation above 13,000 feet. With approximately 60 miles left till Denver, Dana was forced to withdraw from the race due to dangerous weather conditions, soaking wet gear, and exposure to cold temperatures. At the time, he and three companions were tied for 3rd place.

We are all excited and proud of you Dana! It is an awesome accomplishment and you represented FBR well - way to make our new kit look good!

Cover photo by Benjamin Kraushaar.