Meanwhile, in the IMBA National Enduro Series...

When he is not working on your bike at our shop, Scott Countryman is either out training or racing. This year he signed up for the IMBA National Enduro Series - a series of 6 races that take place across the lower 48. From California to Vermont, he has been traveling a lot.

He started the series out strong with a win at the Ellsworth O-Rock Epic in Big Cedar, Oklahoma, and has continued to make some strong finishes throughout the rest of the series. Most recently, he went all the way to Killington, Vermont for the CLIF Enduro East - a race weekend that was characterized by lots and lots of rain (about 3 inches on Saturday). Sloppy, wet, and slippery conditions seemed to make it a rough and rowdy weekend.

With four races down and two more to go, Scott is still in the lead for the over all series. Keep the stoke high and cheer him on as he heads out to West Virginia and the final stop in Truckee, CA! You can keep tabs on him through his instagram feed (@scott.countryman.14) and through his sponsors: Kona Bikes, WTB, Ridefast Racing, MRP, ESI, and ANVL Components.

Cover photo by Mason Bond (Instagram @macebond007).