Historical Mike's Pike

The flat-iron shaped building on the corner of Mikes Pike and Phoenix Ave., completed in 1924, was part of Flagstaff's original "main street." It would later become part of the historic Route 66, until Milton Rd. rerouted traffic from this main stretch of town. Today, it remains an untouched example of the Mother Road.

The building itself has evolved from an industrial laundromat to its current status as an eclectic collection of locally owned businesses. What more could you ask for? Pizza, Bikes, and a cold Brew?

We like to think that we are part of that history now, having evolved from a shop specializing in used bikes to a shop that caters to every type of rider (from the commuter to the professional racer). We hope you come stop by and visit our little family of businesses.

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Photo Courtesy of  On the Road Arizona .

Photo Courtesy of On the Road Arizona.

Mother Road

If you're into the idea of a freshly brewed IPA after a long, dusty, sweaty, ride, then you're in luck. Right next door is Mother Road Brewing Co.


Want an authentic Italian style pizza to curb your appetite? Well, on our other side is Pizzicletta. Seriously, best pizza in town.