Premium rental bikes for world class trails...

Rentals are for 24 hours. We offer multi-day options (please inquire). All rentals include a helmet, water bottle cage, spare tube, and pump.

Please call us if you have any questions, would like to check availability of a bike, or reserve a specific bike.


2019 Kona Hei Hei AL


KONA bikes take on a cross country bike with an attitude. Short travel but lots of fun on this puppy. It has been a employee favorite for a couple years now. If you are looking for an all rounder with a bias towards efficient pedaling, this is a great option.

Sizes Available: M, L, XL  

2019 LIV Pique Advanced SX

Pique-achu! We choose you! A womens specific little lightning bolt. This SX build comes equipped with a slightly longer travel fork, and a more aggressive build kit to keep things stable. Low standover height and women's specific geometry mean a confidence inspiring ride for any trail.

Sizes Available: XS, S, M

2019 Santa Cruz Tallboy 3 CS

Version three of the classic Santa Cruz Talldude. It's really fun, and somehow the perfect ride for most situations. 110mm of travel out back and 120mm fork up front.

Sizes Available: XL

2019 Santa Cruz 5010 CS

5 inches is enough... right? It is for most situations for the 5010. For this 2019 model year we saw a full revision on this classic, and its pretty dope.

Sizes Available: M, L

2019 Giant Trance 2

A spry 140mm of travel, and mild manors. We have always appreciated the solid construction, and the ease to get along with this bike. We find its a good bike for a broad demographic of our customers. Sick paint job too

Sizes Available: S, M, L


2019 Giant Trance 29

All new this season, is arguably the most progressive bike we have seen from Giant, and progressive for the bike industry as a whole. Short 115mm of travel paired with a super slack (66.5 head tube angle) and 130mm travel fork. This is a great progression for the modern trail bike.

Sizes Availible: M, L, XL

2018 KONA Process 153 29er DL

Proper enduro bike for those that want to get real rowdy. KONA made a winner with this fella. Its real fun to go real fast.

Sizes Availible: L


2019 KONA Process 153 27.5 DL

Again, proper enduro bike from KONA made for smashing. This time in a 27.5 wheel size. yeehaw

Sizes Available: M

2019 KONA Satori DL


I don’t know what the name “satori” means or stands for, but this bike is really orange and is really fun to ride! Its a mid travel 29er that rocks an upright seat tube angle. We wonder if in two/three years every bike will have a seat angle like this, id bet on it. Ol KONA might be ahead of the curve on this one.

Sizes Available: M, L


2019 Santa Cruz Hightower LT C S

The longer travel brother of the beloved Hightower. This is an awesome long travel 29er. Its what the bros want, here ya go bros!

Sizes Available: M, L